Biden Administration Made Two Announcements on Ai; Don'T Let One Overshadow the Other

President Biden's executive order on artificial intelligence is "appropriately ambitious," but "there is still a significant gap between the ambitions outlined in the president's announcement and the work needed to coordinate the constellation of agencies, institutions, and sectors to make responsible AI a reality," writes Kamala Harris in the New York Times.

Harris, who announced $200 million in philanthropic funding for responsible AI at the UK Safety Summit on Tuesday, says philanthropy has a "pivotal role" to play in building a responsible AI future.

philanthropy can serve as a bridge between the public and private sectors, helping to ensure AI technology works in the service of society, she writes.

philanthropy can also "help convene global players around consistent standards," helping to create a more dynamic landscape in which AI can be governed for the common good, she writes.

Harris says the philanthropic sector can also help fund projects designed to build civil society guardrails, such as red-teaming and algorithmic audits.

"Rather than accept that incumbents have the best expertise in checking their own AI tools, philanthropy can help fund a more dynamic landscape of potential AI guardrails and identify those that work best," she writes.

"And I believe that by providing a check on private interests, unearthing best practices, and aligning around global

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